DOAP offers a new way of doing distributed authorization on your IBM Domino server. You are now able to develop application in your preferred language, while still harnessing your existing IBM Domino database. DOAP acts solely as a authorization mechanism, all ACL rules will still be honored and propagated.

Single Sign-On

DOAP works on multiple domino servers with or without replications. DOAP token complies with RFC6749.


You can configure numerous OAuth client applications as you wish.


You can manage OAuth token expiration time and user access controls.

Not Domino session based

DOAP does not rely on Domino session authentication. You are able to configure applications where your users stay authenticated for a long time.

Sample Applications

We open-sourced a few sample applications such as "NodeJS Chat App with IBM Domino", and many more. Try! They are all free.

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