Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

If you are an enterprise, your employees and contractors may not use the Community Edition.

For Community Edition, there is no limit on the number of users.

Community Edition is available with unlimited usage for non-profit community only. Users are not allowed to use DOAP for corporate use..

Technical Questions

Yes, it is possible. The encryption of OAuth Token is based on RFC6749, which means that OAuth includes information about expiration date and application-related data in its token. Hence it is not necessary to perform synchronization among OAuth management application and the target server. Furthermore, it is also possible to perform authentication regardless of the issuing server.

No. It is necessary to purchase a license for each domain.

No. For each application, AccessToken and RefreshToken will be issued.

No. Basic and session authentication are valid even after OAuth is applied.

Currently, DOAP can only run on Windows OS.

No files will be copied to the Notes Folder. All DOAP program files are copied to the installation folder specified by the installer.

DOAP management application template (doap.ntf) is copied.