This Node.js app uses webSocket, OAuth modules


Domino OAuth2 Provider (DOAP) must installed on domino server.

How to run this sample application


  • DOAP is installed on your IBM domino server
  • node.js is installed on your device, or also use IBM Cloud for node.js executable platform


  1. Download/Clone the open source project from bitbucket:
  2. Open doap.nsf on your domino server.
  3. Add “OAuth Client” document on doap.nsf, then configure like below:
  4. Create a new discussion NSF on your server. (i.e. /dev/discussion.nsf )
  5. From the cloned node.js project, open development.js and configure like below:
  6. Install related module by following command:
    npm install
  7. Execute app by following command:
    npm run start

Please note:

* This app use Domino Data Service, so you need to enable it on domino server document.

*To enable Domino Data Service, you also need to allow following settings on discussion database:

* We tested node.js version 10.6.0

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